Using Infra

Get started by downloading the Infra CLI.

Logging in

Log in to Infra. infra login will prompt for which server to log in to (e.g. an Infra organization at <org>, as well as which authentication method to use.

infra login

Listing your access

Once logged in, Infra provides a command, infra list to list the infrastructure the current user can access:

infra list

Example output:

  NAME                   ACCESS
  development            edit
  development.frontend   admin
  production             view,logs

Accessing infrastructure

Infra automatically keeps local configuration files (e.g. KubeConfig, SSH config) up to date. The Infra CLI includes a command, infra use, to switch the local context to a specific resource. For example to switch to the cluster named development:

infra use development

However, Infra is also compatible with existing tooling (e.g. kubectl). Contexts are prefixed with infra:

kubectl --context infra:development get pods

Viewing the current user

To see the currently logged-in user, run infra info:

infra info

Important login information for the current user will be shown:

              User: (dz9jbzSsJa)
 Identity Provider: Google (
            Groups: Engineering