[API] for infrastructure identity

Passwordless infrastructure access.
The quickest way to securely connect
to your infrastructure.

Currently in early access

Secure access in one command

Generate secure, short-lived infrastructure credentials for any user or machine on the fly.

With Infra, users can login and discover which infrastructure they have access to in a single command.

Grant fine-grained permissions

Infra deeply integrates with infrastructure services to provide fine-grained access for any identity.

For example, a team may need to have write access to a particular Kubernetes namespace, but not another. Infra makes this easy.

No more all-or-nothing access to your infrastructure.

Automatically onboard & offboard your team

Connect users, teams and machines to a single source of truth for your infrastructure identity.

Infra automatically synchronizes user identities when they join and leave teams or groups.

Powerful, easy-to-use API & configuration

Infra is designed with an API-first approach that integrates with what your team already uses. You don't have to rip out any existing tooling or internal platforms.

  • Manage identities & permissions as code
  • Extend existing tools with identity
  • Integrate with custom access flows

Integrate with the tools you already use

Infra includes high-quality, battle-tested integrations to plug and play with your existing identity providers and infrastructure destinations.

Secure & fault-tolerant by design


Declare Infra's configuration in code. Version. Backup. Recover. Audit. All in your source code repo.

No single point of failure

Infra is designed with redundancy in mind without a single point of failure. If and when Infra ever has downtime, users will continue to have direct access to their infrastructure.

Self-host anywhere

Infra can be self-hosted in your own private network with easy to configure custom domains, so sensitive data never leaves your environment.

Plug & play secrets

Infra integrates with your existing secret providers such as Vault, AWS Secret Manager and more so your data is kept secure.