This guide connects Okta to Infra as an identity provider.


To connect Okta via Infra's CLI, run the following command:

infra providers add okta \
  --url <your_okta_url_or_domain> \
  --client-id <your_okta_client_id> \
  --client-secret <your_okta_client_secret> \
  --kind okta

Finding required values

Login to the Okta dashboard

Login to the Okta dashboard and navigate to Applications > Applications

Create Application

Create an Okta App

  • Click Create App Integration.
  • Select OIDC - OpenID Connect and Web Application.
  • Click Next.

App Type

Configure your new Okta App

  • For App integration name write Infra.
  • Under General Settings > Grant type select Authorization Code and Refresh Token
  • For Sign-in redirect URIs add:
    1. http://localhost:8301 (for Infra CLI login)
    2. https://<INFRA_SERVER_HOST>/login/callback (for Infra Dashboard login)
  • For Assignments select the groups which will have access through Infra

Click Save.

General Tab

While still on the screen for the application you just created navigate to the Sign On tab.

  • On the OpenID Connect ID Token select Edit
  • Update the Groups claim filter to groups Matches regex .*
  • Click Save

Copy important values

Copy the URL, Client ID and Client Secret values and provide them into Infra's Dashboard or CLI.

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