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Dashboard access keys

Dashboard access keys


Infra now supports managing access keys in the dashboard. Access keys are the credential format used to authenticate with Infra while performing automated tasks such as:

This new update makes it easy to create, list and revoke access keys when they are no longer needed. To manage access keys via the dashboard, log in and click on Settings. When creating an access key, an expiration window must be selected. By default access keys expire in 30 days, and this expiration time can be customized.


Once created, access keys will be available to copy. Note: this access key will not be visible again, and must be stored securely using a secret or password manager.


Bug fixes & improvements

  • Infra CLI will now output more details when logging in
  • Improved the formatting of error messages when logging in
  • Access keys created by admins can now be used to create connector keys. This making it easier to automate connecting Kubernetes clusters to Infra.
  • Destinations can no longer be named infra
  • Fixed an issue where running infra grants list would show an "unknown user" error
  • Fixed an issue where a user being removed from an identity provider would revoke all access keys for that user, even personal access keys used in automation.
  • Fixed an issue where logging in with the browser would require creating an additional access key on behalf of the user
  • Fixed issue where rate limiting errors would show milliseconds when notifying the user how long to wait before retrying their request
  • Fixed an issue where CLI incompatibility errors would show the incorrect version
  • [API] Creating an access grant via POST /api/grants can now be done by providing a username instead of a user ID, making it easier to call this endpoint
  • [API] Updated the created_by field in various endpoints to be createdBy for consistency