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Google Login

Google Login


Infra now supports logging in with Google. Team members can now sign up, authenticate and access clusters, all using their existing Google accounts.


Configuring allowed domains

To automatically allow team members to access an organization by logging in with Google, admins can add allowed domains under Settings > Allowed Domains. Users who log in with an email ending in an allowed domain won’t have any cluster access permissions by default, making this a safe way to onboard many team members at once.

allowed domains

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue where signing up for an organization would later result in redirecting to that organization when logging in to a separate one.
  • Fixed minor display inconsistencies in the Dashboard
  • Improved error messages when running infra keys remove
  • Multiple users can now be added and removed from a group at a time
  • Invited users can now be removed before they log in.
  • Fixed minor flashes of content when logging in with Google or an identity provider
  • Added missing newlines in the infra CLI command output
  • Fixed an issue where logging out wouldn’t redirect users back to the login page