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Performance improvements

Performance improvements


Introducing key performance improvements when using Infra’s CLI, Dashboard, and API:

  • Initial cluster access via kubectl commands is now almost 10x faster
  • Granting access, especially for two or more users at a time, is up to 5-6x faster
  • Overall reduction in average response times for all API endpoints by 50-75%

Faster access via identity providers

Infra is now much faster while logged in with Google, Okta, and other identity providers. This improvement comes from a new, more efficient approach to keeping user identity and group membership information in sync with identity providers.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • When removing a destination cluster, any access grants assigned to that cluster are now also removed
  • Fixed an issue where switching between clusters with infra use would not preserve the current namespace
  • Fixed issue where user would get logged out from their current account when failing to log into a separate account
  • Improved validation rules for user passwords
  • Improved error messages when changing a user’s password
  • Fixed broken navigation link in the settings page
  • Fixed issue where the dashboard wouldn’t display more than 100 role assignments
  • Fixed an issue where changing a user’s password would require refreshing the page before it could be changed again
  • Fixed issues with config loading for the Infra connector
  • Fixed an issue where syncing a user’s groups would fail if they were a member of two groups with the same name