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Improved Login

Improved Login


A better infra login

infra login now uses the web browser to authenticate by default. After logging in to the web dashboard, logging in via the CLI requires no new additional info.

To log in with the browser, simply run infra login as usual:

infra login

To log in without opening a browser, log in by specifying a user email and Infra will prompt for a password:

infra login --user

Logging in with access keys continues to work, allowing you to log in for automation:

infra login

CLI compatibility

The infra CLI now requires a server version that is equal or higher than the CLI's version. If using Infra's cloud-hosted service, no action is required. If self-hosting Infra, please upgrade the Infra server.

Bugs fixes & improvements

  • infra keys add has improved flag names:
    • The --ttl flag has now been replaced with --expires when running infra keys add
    • The --extension-deadline flag has now been renamed to --inactivity-timeout
  • The Dashboard will now show an error if logging in via OIDC does not work for any reason. Previously it would show a loading spinner
  • Fix connector endpoint query to always return the HTTPS port number which it was previously only returning when the service type was not NodePort.
  • Infra CLI will now provide better error messages for incompatible versions
  • Fixed an issue where the Infra Connector would not report a port number when using the NodePort service type