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Infra Access Keys & Kubernetes Improvements

Infra Access Keys & Kubernetes Improvements


infra dashboard screenshot displaying the access keys in settings

Infra's access keys can now be generated in the dashboard. This unlocks many use cases. Some examples include:

  • Dynamically changing/revoking permissions for users and groups
  • CI/CD infrastructure access (i.e. GitHub Actions)
  • Other actions that can be performed via Infra's API.


Currently, access keys share the same permissions as the user who created it. This is not very ideal for users who want to have scoped keys that have dedicated use cases. This problem will be addressed in the future.

For now, it is advisable to create another user, assign only limited permissions for that user, and login as that user to generate an access key for usage. Once this is created, the administrator account can be used to scope the permissions of that user (or multiple users).

Improved Kubeconfig support for multiple namespaces

For Kubernetes clusters where a user/group has access to multiple individual namespaces, only one kubeconfig context will be created for a single cluster. Previously, if a user had access to multiple namespaces within a cluster, the user will receive a context for each individual namespace.

CLI quality of life improvements

  • Change access keys to make their names unique to a specific user, instead of for an entire org
  • Make infra keys list default to the current user
  • Add an --all flag to infra keys list for admins which can list all access keys in the org
  • Make infra keys add not require a user name
  • Add a --user= argument to infra keys add to be consistent with infra keys list
  • Add a --connector flag to infra keys add to create the key for a connector
  • Make infra keys remove to be specific to the current user
  • Add a --user= argument similar to infra keys list and infra keys add
  • Changed the API to call DELETE /api/access-keys/:id instead of DELETE /api/access-keys
  • Added LastUsed field to the API and updated infra keys list to show the last time a specific key was used

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue where checkboxes would not show a checkmark in the Dashboard
  • Identity providers are now configured under Settings
  • Added ability to remove access to multiple namespaces at the same time in the Infra Dashboard
  • Fixed issue where logging in with a temporary password would result in an error