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Headless login

Headless login


Infra now supports authenticating from environments that don't support opening a web browser (also known as "headless" environments). To log in run infra login as usual:

infra login

When prompted, select Login with your browser. A browser will be opened where you'll be asked to confirm a code. Once authenticated, you can continue to access infrastructure as usual.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • After connecting a new cluster, the user who connected the cluster will now receive view access to the cluster by default.
  • Identity provider details can now be edited in the Dashboard
  • Improved font rendering for easier readability
  • Improved error messages when inviting users via email
  • Fixed various bugs related to sorting information in the Dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't delete their own access keys via infra keys delete
  • Fixed minor flashes of content when logging in
  • Improved login error messages in the Dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where an error would occur when browsing users in Dashboard