Self-hosted Infra

In most ways, self-hosted offers similar features to our Software as a Service offering. In fact, the main difference is that you host the "Server" on your own Kubernetes cluster. This document will show you how to install that server. Since the rest of the product is the same in the SaaS model and Self Hosted, you can refer to the rest of the documentation for everything else.


  • Install helm (v3+)
  • Kubernetes (v1.14+)

Deploy Infra

Create an admin password

First, create a secret for your admin password:

kubectl create secret generic infra-admin-credentials \

Create a values.yaml file to define the first user. Update the email address accordingly:

      - name: # edit me
        password: env:INFRA_ADMIN_PASSWORD

    # Create a "" user and set a password passed in as a file. The
    # file will need to be mounted into the pod using `volumes` and `volumeMounts`.
    # - name:
    #   password: file:/var/run/secrets/

      - user:
        role: admin
        resource: infra

    - secretRef:
        name: infra-admin-credentials

This example shows two ways to use secrets in the values file. You can learn more about the Helm values file in the Helm Reference.

Deploy Infra via helm:

helm repo add infrahq
helm repo update
helm upgrade --install infra infrahq/infra --values values.yaml

In rare cases, we have seen helm upgrade --install not behave correctly. If you haven't installed Infra before and are seeing long delays, consider running the command with helm install instead.

Find your load balancer endpoint:

kubectl get service infra-server -o jsonpath="{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[*]['ip', 'hostname']}"

Depending on where you are hosting your cluster, the creation of the load balancer can take 10 minutes or more by a cloud provider. If you want to leverage an existing load balancer for the server, refer to the Helm Reference.

Finally, open the endpoint in your browser to get started using the Infra UI.

Connecting clusters

To connect Kubernetes clusters to Infra, see the Kubernetes connector guide.

Customize your install

To customize your install via helm, see the Helm Reference

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