Infra Server

Infra Server is a central API server that acts as the source of truth for users, groups, identity providers and grants (learn more about these under concepts). Its responsibilities include:

  • Authenticating users via Infra's built-in identity provider, or via identity providers such as Okta, Azure Active Directory or Google
  • Managing access grants which map users & groups to fine-grained infrastructure roles or permissions.
  • Keeping an index of all infrastructure accessible by users.
  • Generating short-lived credentials for users to access infrastructure destinations.

Authentication via identity providers



By default, Infra Server is configured to use SQLite for storage. It can also be configured to use PostgreSQL instead for a high-availability configuration.

Infra Connectors

Infra Connectors are lightweight processes that run on destination infrastructure. These connectors:

  • Configure infrastructure access rules (e.g. roles) against what is stored in Infra Server
  • Intercept and verify requests from users directly


Verification is done in-cluster by proxying requests sent directly from users, by verifying provided credentials with Infra Server.

connector flow

Infra CLI

Infra CLI is a command-line tool for end-users to login, discover infrastructure and automatically retrieve credentials for access.

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