Connecting a cluster

Connect to a cluster

Navigate to the Infrastructure tab in the dashboard and click the Connect cluster button.

Enter a Cluster name in the text box.

Copy the commands shown. They will add the Helm repo and update it, and then install the Infra Connector onto the cluster. Ensure you are connected to the appropriate Kubernetes cluster and then paste the commands into your terminal to connect Infra to your cluster.

Note: it may take a few minutes for the LoadBalancer to be provisioned.

If your load balancer does not have a hostname (often true for GKE and AKS clusters), Infra will not be able to automatically create a TLS certificate for the server. On GKE you can use the hostname <LoadBalancer IP>.bc.googleusercontent.com.

Otherwise you'll need to configure the LoadBalancer with a static IP and hostname (see GKE docs, or AKS docs). Alternatively you can use the --skip-tls-verify with infra login, or setup your own TLS certificates for Infra.

For more control over the Connector install, review the Helm Reference.

Once you've connected a cluster, you can grant access via infra grants add or using the Dashboard. Learn more about Grants in Infra.

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