Install Infra on Kubernetes


To see the available Helm configuration values, use:

helm show values infrahq/infra

Step 1: Configure the Infra Chart

Note: Infra uses Secrets to securely load secrets. It is not recommended to use plain text secrets. Considering using another supported secret type.

Please follow Okta Configuration to obtain clientID and clientSecret for connecting Okta to Infra.

# example values.yaml
  # Add an Identity Provider
  # Only Okta is supported currently
  # additionalProviders:
  #   - name: Okta
  #     url:
  #     clientID: example_jsldf08j23d081j2d12sd
  #     clientSecret:  example_plain_secret # see note above

  # Add an admin user
    - name: admin
      password: password

  # 1. Grant user(s) or group(s) as Infra administrator
  # Setup an user as Infra administrator
    - user: admin
      role: admin
      resource: infra

  # 2. Grant user(s) or group(s) access to a resources
  # Example of granting access to an individual user the `cluster-admin` role. The name of a resource is specified when installing the Infra Engine at that location.
    - user: admin
      role: cluster-admin                  # cluster_roles required
      resource: example-cluster            # limit access to the `example-cluster` Kubernetes cluster

  # Example of granting access to an individual user through assigning them to the 'edit' role in the `web` namespace.
  # In this case, Infra will automatically scope the access to a namespace.
    - user: admin
      role: edit                            # cluster_roles required
      resource: example-cluster.web         # limit access to only the `web` namespace in the `example-cluster` Kubernetes cluster

  # Example of granting access to a group the `view` role.
    - group: Everyone
      role: view                           # cluster_roles required
      resource: example-cluster            # limit access to the `example-cluster` Kubernetes cluster

Step 2: Install Infra

helm repo add infrahq
helm repo update
helm upgrade --install infra infrahq/infra --values values.yaml

Step 3: Login to Infra

Next, you'll need to find the URL of the Infra server to login to Infra.

Port Forwarding

Kubernetes port forwarding can be used in access the API server.

kubectl port-forward deployments/infra-server 8080:80 8443:443

Infra API server can now be accessed on localhost:8080 or localhost:8443


Change the Infra server service type to LoadBalancer.

kubectl patch service infra-server -p '{"spec": {"type": "LoadBalancer"}}'

Note: It may take a few minutes for the LoadBalancer endpoint to be assigned. You can watch the status of the service with:

kubectl get service infra-server -w

Once the endpoint is ready, get the Infra API server URL.

kubectl get service infra-server -o jsonpath="{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[*]['ip', 'hostname']}"


Follow the Ingress documentation to configure your Infra server with a Kubernetes ingress. Once configured, get the Infra API server URL.

kubectl get ingress infra-server -o jsonpath="{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[*]['ip', 'hostname']}"
infra login <INFRA_API_SERVER>

Add Kubernetes Connectors

Step 1: Create an Access Key

In order to add connectors to Infra, you will need to generate an access key. If you already have an access key, proceed to step 2.

Using the Infra admin access key is not recommended as it provides more privileges than is necessary for a connector and may pose a security risk.

infra keys add <keyName> connector

Step 2: Install Infra Connector

Now that you have an access key, install Infra into your Kubernetes cluster.

helm upgrade --install infra-connector infrahq/infra --set<clusterName> --set connector.config.server=<serverAddress> --set connector.config.accessKey=<accessKey>

If the connector will live in the same cluster and namespace as the server, you can set connector.config.server=localhost.

You may also need to set connector.config.skipTLSVerify=true if the server is using a self-signed certificate.

Upgrade Infra

See Upgrading Infra

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