Key Concepts



1. Infra Server

The Infra Server is the main component of Infra. It provides an API for managing users, groups, and their access in a single location.

2. Infra CLI

The Infra CLI is the primary way to access infrastructure. It's also used for managing users, groups and more.

3. Infra Login

Once you install Infra and the Infra CLI, you can login to Infra and start connecting users, infrastructure, and granting access to your team.

4. Users

You can add your team by either using your identity provider such as Okta, Active Directory, or you can use built-in users from Infra.

5. Connectors

Connectors are responsible for authenticating and provisioning user access in destinations such as a Kubernetes cluster or database.

Putting it all together

Infra works by connecting users to specific destinations via connectors. Users log in via the Infra CLI, configure access, and finally install connectors. Once set up, anyone on the team can run infra login to get access to the infrastructure they need:

Core API Resources


infra users/v1/users

Users that can log in via infra to access infrastructure.



Groups are sets of users (usually representing a team or organization) that can share access.


infra destinations/v1/destinations

Destinations are infrastructure resources that can be accessed via Infra. Examples of destinations include:

  • Kubernetes clusters (e.g. production-cluster)
  • Kubernetes namespaces (e.g. production-cluster.web)


infra grants/v1/grants

Grants are based on the simple relationships between users/groups (i.e. subjects), roles/permissions (i.e. privileges), and Kubernetes clusters or namespaces (referred to as resources)

Grants are implemented in an additive model where the base configuration is to not provide any access. As grants are applied to Infra, subjects will progressively gain access to Infra and connected destinations.

Grants tie users (or groups) to destinations with a specific role. In other words, a grant decides who can access what, with what level of access (often called role).


infra providers/v1/providers

Providers are short for identity providers. They are external sources of users and groups such as Okta, Google and Azure.

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