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New Dashboard

New Dashboard


The Infra Dashboard has been updated with a new look & feel, making it easier to manage users, groups, authentication methods, and access control.

Managing access

Under Infratructure, the Infra Dashboard provides a list of all connected infrastructure in a single place. From there, access to clusters or individual namespaces can be inspected and modified:


Adding authentication methods

Identity providers such as Google or Okta can be connected and configured under Settings:


Managing users, groups

After logging in, users and groups they are a part of can be seen under Users and Groups respectively.


Bug fixes & improvements

  • Infra's Kubernetes connector now supports the Kubernetes NodePort service type as an alternative to using LoadBalancer.
  • It's now easier to escape after running the infra about command. If you haven't yet, try running infra about!
  • Lowered log noise output by Infra's Kubernetes connector.
  • Improved font rendering and sizing in the Dashboard
  • Fixed inconsistencies in identity provider naming in the Dashboard
  • Fixed a bug where the Dashboard would flicker when clicking on the home button
  • Fixed styling inconsistencies with breadcrumbs in the Dashboard
  • Fixed various issues with input fields being autocompleted by 1Password and other password managers.