Our mission is to securely connect the world's infrastructure.

Hey there! We are the people building Infra.

We're a group of builders and designers who love great design and believe in creating products that are simple, cohesive, familiar and polished.

In our previous lives we worked hard to bring you a great experience through Docker for Mac & Windows, Datadog, Twitter, Consul, VMware ESXi.

These products are used daily by millions. They power billions of devices, apps and servers around the world.

Most importantly, they've become great businesses we're proud of.

The team behind Infra


Patrick Devine


Eva Ho


Michael Chiang


Elizabeth Kim


Matt Williams


Mike Yang


Steven Soroka


Manning Fisher


Daniel Nephin


Bruce MacDonald


Jeff Morgan


Our Values

Obsess about the user

We think deeply about how decisions affect the user. We craft an experience for the user that empowers and delights. We win when our users win.

Problem first

We make sure we're solving problems that have large scale impact. We don't reinvent what already exists without merit. We leverage existing tools and products where we can. We take the time to think, be creative, and make sure we're solving the right problem.

Thoughtful & considerate

We never treat anyone like a number and instead like a human whose opinions, feelings, and personal experience we care about. We respect and appreciate our peers both inside and outside the company.

Open to being wrong

We understand we're not going to get everything right all the time, but it's only by being okay with making mistakes that we will be flexible enough to try different things to find the right answers. We aim to separate ourselves from our ideas, and seek first to understand others' perspectives. We make room for people to disagree with us, and are flexible enough to move on. Disagreement is important. It takes trust and courage to be able to move forward from disagreement.

Care about craftsmanship

We obsess over the details that make a quality product. We care about our users having a tailored experience. We are especially drawn to simplicity as a core value of our design process. We strive to be the best at what we do, but we respect that this is a life-long journey to become masters of our craft, and we must embrace an attitude of continuous learning.

Challenge the status quo

Everything can be improved, and we must challenge our assumptions. The best answer today may not be the best answer tomorrow, and we should watch out for opportunities to grow. Sometimes that means small improvements, and sometimes that means completely new ways of thinking.


Everyone has something valuable to contribute, and we're all in this together. We don't hand out the grunt-work. We instead innovate to reduce that type of work, and own the rest ourselves. We want you to enjoy what you do, and work on things that give you energy, not sap it. To this end, we allow any team member to choose what specific area to work on; we trust them to make the right decision for themselves.

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